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Lime Rendering and Plastering by Ray Patt Builders

We specialise in lime rendering, lime plastering and repointing services throughout North Devon. If your home is pre-1920s the chances are your property is built with solid brick, stone or cob walls, without a damp proof course. In order for the walls to be able to breathe, you must control the damp that gets into them. To do this, your walls should be lime rendered on the outside and lime plastered and skimmed on the inside.The lime allows the damp that gets into the walls to evaporate out so allowing the walls to breath and stay dry.

The inherent problems with a modern sand and cement render is that any cracks or weak points allows the ingress of water. The water then gets trapped in the wall because cement is impermeable and its harder setting is more susceptible to cracking.

Softer lime mortar moves with the building, reducing the likelihood of cracking. The paint systems for lime render and plaster should be breathable as well, so a silica based paint is preferable.

When it comes to any lime rendering or plastering services it is vital that a professional, competent in the use of such materials undertakes the work because if applied incorrectly it can cause more problems than it cures.

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